About Us

We are a family owned and operated business that started in the carpet cleaning industry in the late 1990’s, as KLNSTEC Carpet Care located in San Diego, California. Along the years we have had many joys in the business as well as challenges to overcome like many of our fellow carpet cleaners.  One challenge we came across many times was cleaning second story homes where there was an L-shape or U-shape stairs. In fortunate days, I would have my helper (my wife) stand in the stairs as a human guard holding the vacuum and solution hose to prevent damage to the client’s walls. However, in other times, when working as a one man show, this scenario was most challenging. In one occasion, I came to do a job for a new client whom had a 2 story home. I tried a few things to prevent my hoses from damaging the corner wall of the stairs, but failed in my attempt. I remember coming home that day extremely frustrated because I had damaged my new client’s corner stair wall. I told my wife that we needed to put our brains together to come out with a solution to this problem. This had been on our mind to do for years, but this last experience was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. So, after much thinking and sleepless nights, the idea of the “DUK GUARD” was born. It was my wife’s idea to place sliding legs to accommodate to bilateral side stairs. The letters D-U-K were also given to represent its origination, “Devised Under KLNSTEC” and the colors were selected to make it look like a duck.

We are delighted to share the new DUK GUARD with our fellow carpet cleaners and are confident this innovation will cause a lasting impression in quality of service provided to customers.



David and Noemi Alonso