Q. Will I be able to buy Direct?

A. No. Please call your local Distributor –  Distributor list here


Q. Will the DUK GUARD work on all stairs?

A. No.    Unfortunately due to different Shape of stairs with walls, the Guard will not be able to work on all stairs. It works on most L-Shape stairs


Q. Why does this guard cost more than the other Standard guard?

A. Being that the DUK GUARD is extremely more complex than the standard guard , for this reason is why the DUK GUARD is a little higher  in price.


Q. If one of the removable legs is lost, can I buy another one?

A. Yes


Q.  Is the DUK GUARD made in the U.S.A?

A. Yes


Q. What does DUK” Mean, and why call it DUK GUARD?

A. Two Reasons

1. The original design was made to look like a DUCK. The body of the Guard is white with orange feet

2. DUK means “Devised under KLNSTEC.

KLNSTEC Carpet & Tile Care was the original name of our carpet cleaning company. This idea of the DUK GUARD came to our attention while cleaning an L-Shape Stair.